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Vincennes is in Knox County Indiana.

  • Site of the first Catholic Church in Indiana. (1749)
  • The first county organized in Idiana. (1790)
  • Home of the first newspaper in Indiana. (1799)
  • Site of the First Presbyterian church in Indiana. (1806)
  • Site of the first Masonic Lodge in Indiana.
  • Home of the First bank in Indiana. (1814)
  • Host to the first medical society in Indiana. (1817)
  • Sixth largest county in Indiana.
  • Total area - 517 square miles or 330,880 acres.
  • Site of Grouseland.
  • Home of William Henry Harrison, Governor of The Indiana Territory.
  • Home of Colonel Francis Vigo.
  • Home of James Douglas "Blue Jeans" Williams, 14th Governor of Indiana.
  • Home of Matthew E. Welsh, 41st Governor of Indiana.
  • Boyhood home of the world's greatest clown, Richard "Red" Skelton.

Vincennes was originally in the French colony of Louisiana, then the British colony of Canada, then the Illinois County of the Commonwealth of Virginia, then became Knox County in the Northwest Territory, then in The Indiana Territory, and currently, the State of Indiana.

There are many interesting historic sites to visit in Vincennes but we must move along.