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Harrison was the first Whig president, and the only chief executive whose grandson (Benjamin Harrison) also became president.

President Harrison has the dual distinction among all the Presidents of giving the longest inaugural speech, March 4, 1841, and of serving the shortest term of office.

Known to the public as "Old Tippecanoe", the former general of the Indian campaigns delivered an hour-and-forty-five-minute speech in a snowstorm.

The oath of office was administered on the East Portico of the Capitol by Chief Justice Roger Taney. The 68-year-old President stood outside for the entire proceeding, greeted crowds of well-wishers at the White House later that day and attended several celebrations that evening. One month later, April 4, 1841, he died of pneumonia in Washington D.C.

During his brief term, Harrison showed an interest in running the government efficiently. He made surprise visits to government offices to check on the workers.

Harrison is claimed by at least three states: Virginia, Ohio and Indiana. Harrison prevented the sale of liquor to the Indians and introduced innoculation against smallpox. Harrison was the last president born a British citizen. Harrison was the oldest president (68) up to that time, to be inaugurated.

The last known words spoken by William Henry Harrison on his deathbed: "I wish you to understand the true principles of the government. I wish them to be carried out. I ask nothing more." He was buried at William Henry Harrison State Park in North Bend, Ohio.

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